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SEO cost in India

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Every single day, Google receives more than 3.5 billion enquiries. That represents a significant amount of interest in products and services similar to yours. In fact, it's likely that you've looked for a local business as well.

However, as a business owner, you must be confident that SEO will provide a return on investment and put money back in your pocket.

SEO, often known as 'Search Engine Optimization,' is the technique of improving your ranks on major search engines such as Google. Higher rankings result in increased visibility, website traffic, and clicks. And more clicks equal more leads and revenues.

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Let's take a look at some crucial statistics to demonstrate how valuable it is to be found on Google. The first thing to know is that 46 percent of all Google searches are for a local business like yours. In addition, they earn more than 31 percent of all hits from the number one slot on Google.

When we look at the top ten results on Google, we can see that they account for 91.5 percent of all clicks. The second page of Google, on the other hand, is where the bad news is that 75% of people never go.

Kindly note that you are invisible if your company's website is on page two of the search results. So now that you understand how essential it is to be on Google in order to receive more calls, clicks, and customers, let's look at how much does SEO cost in India to be on the valuable first page of Google.

How much does SEO cost in India?

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are two sorts of SEO: good SEO and bad SEO. Millions of rupees can be saved just by knowing the difference between them. So, let's go to work straight away on figuring it out. A well-done search engine optimization campaign will place you on the first page of Google. It improves the number of visitors, clicks, and conversions you receive.

A good SEO services cost you at least RS 25000 to 50000 in a month. However,bear in mind that the more money you pay, the sooner you may expect to see effects.

The Bad SEO employs black hat techniques and spamming concepts in order to help you rank for keywords that no one is actually searching for or interested in.

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Black-hat SEO may result in you being punished, having your website deleted from Google, and having your reputation ruined. If your agency is costing you less than RS 3000 per month, there's a high probability that they're employing black-hat techniques in an attempt to convince you to pay them more money.

Consider the following scenario: you discover an incredible offer on SEO for only Rs 3000 per month. You join up on the moment, recognising a good deal, and then sit back and wait for your rankings to increase. And then you have to wait, and wait, and wait more. Nothing changes because low-cost SEO is unable to provide results. This is because, according to a recent research, the typical hourly rate for an SEO specialist is somewhere between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per hour.

Let's pretend for the sake of argument that your SEO agency costs Rs 1000 per hour. In exchange for your Rs 8000 monthly expenditure, you'll have put in only five hours of effort. Work comes to a grinding end after only five hours of effort throughout the entire month.

SEO Pricing Models

It's time to measure SEO, so let's discuss price. When it comes to SEO price, there are three typical models that you should be aware of.

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#1 - Pay for SEO that delivers results.

Currently, this SEO cost structure is based on a dynamic pricing model, which implies that you are charged more for higher ranks. While this may appear to be an appealing proposition, it is far too easy to manipulate. Companies may rank your number one for keywords that no one is looking for and charge you thousands of dollars for the privilege. Consider the following: what good is being ranked number one if no one is looking for your company?

#2 - SEO on an hourly basis.

The average hourly fee for an SEO specialist is between Rs 500 to Rs 1500, but here's the thing: SEO takes time to show results. Expect to wait many months before seeing any results. As a result, while hourly SEO may appear to be a good deal, the costs may soon mount up, blowing to hundreds or even thousands of rupees more than you had anticipated each month.

#3 - SEO (search engine optimization) on a monthly basis.

The SEO cost per month in India is between Rs 5000 and Rs 25000, depending on the services provided. With regards to SEO, this is the most often used price structure. As a consequence, your SEO agency will not be restricted by time constraints and will be able to concentrate on delivering results and a return on investment.

The best part is that there is accountability. Your SEO service will never be able to claim that they did not have enough time to provide the results they promised, allowing you to maintain complete control.                                       

Pricing for Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is concerned with ranking websites in specific locations and regions. Geographically focused keywords, localized content, citation building, and claiming local listings are all used to accomplish this.

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The cost of the service may range from Rs 5000 to Rs 25,000 or more, depending on the scope of the work. Even while there isn't much difference in pricing when compared to normal SEO, it will cost you less because it is focused on reaching a specific geographically-based audience.

Small companies seeking local customers in their own town or a specific region may consider using local SEO services.

What are the Different Types of Local SEO Services?

Local SEO can be classified into three broad categories:

1. Automated Local SEO (cost 3000-5000 per month)

Automated Local SEO cost generally runs between 3000 to 5000 per month. This is usually the cheapest option, because it ensures that directories receive company information. This entails double-checking all contact information on sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages, such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

However, as this is simply the essential information that Google needs for geographical search results, this alone will not improve your search ranking.

However, if you just operate in one area and want to target clients in a single city or state, this may be sufficient. These services would entail updating all company accounts on location-based sites and adding required connections and information that consumers frequently seek. There is no content marketing or social media management involved.

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 2. Small Scale Local SEO (cost 5000-10000 per month)

Small scale SEO is ideal for firms that operate in a restricted geographic region and need to target clients within a specified geographical range.

Small scale Local SEO cost typically range from 5000 to 10000 per month.

This frequently comprises pay-per-click advertising or highly targeted social media efforts to reach a geographic audience. This is advantageous for minimising expenses while reaching a highly targeted audience. The critical point here is to learn how to optimise content for local search intent and to devise innovative strategies to target people who fulfil the required criteria.

While this is a bit more complex than automated SEO, small-scale local SEO marketers may assist you in covering the fundamentals without delving into the weeds. While this is an excellent starting point, it does not ensure quick development.

3. Comprehensive Local SEO (cost starting at 10,000 per month)

  • Google My business 
  • Content management
  • Paid search management
  • Reporting
  • Social media platforms
  • Establishing hyperlinks
  • Optimization of citations
  • Online review management

These kinds of services are more open in terms of informing you exactly where your marketing money are being spent. Comprehensive SEO places a high priority on analysis reports in order to monitor key performance indicators like as internet traffic growth, conversion rates, and visibility. So, comprehensive Local SEO cost basically starts from 10000 per month.

Additionally, rankings, backlinks, analytics, sponsored search, competition, website health, Google My Business, reviews, citations, and social media involvement are all covered in complete SEO tracking.


Here are 10 SEO warning signs to be aware of. If your SEO agency does any of the following, it's time to start running.

  • They don't even rank their own company for any of the keywords that they use.
  • They don't provide monthly reports to their clients.
  • They have no interest in contacting with you.
  • They are unable to give case studies for past work that they have completed.
  • They haven't done any previous work in your field.
  • Promotes the quantity of links above the quality of links.
  • Backlinks are purchased.
  • Quotes you the lowest price.
  • They are unable to provide evidence of a proven ranking system.
  • It's also possible that they've received negative feedback.

When deciding how much to spend for SEO, there are four criteria that must be taken into consideration.

1. The number of keywords for which you wish to be ranked.

2. Your current rankings in the search results for the keywords.

3. The extent to which particular keywords are competitive.

4. The amount of effort required to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

How Can I Evaluate if the Services Are Worth the Money?

Although, in general, you get it you pay for when it comes to search engine optimization, there is a certain level of proper research that must be done before selecting an SEO business. To guide you out, here are some suggestions.

  • Examine their website.

When an SEO agency's website is real, you'll know whether they're as excellent as they claim to be. Verify their privacy policies, owner information, and that customer may contact and connect with them.

  • Analyse Case Studies.

Case studies are authentic samples of their work and should be readily available to you. If it is easily available on the website, it indicates that they are proud of their success stories. Otherwise, if you have difficulty obtaining documentation of their work, they may be new to the industry or have nothing to show for their efforts.

  • Connect directly with the staff.

Inquire about speaking with the real person who will manage your SEO account or with the person who oversees the SEO department. It's natural to want to learn a little bit more about the folks you'll be paying to work on your website and the tactics they may use to boost your search results, especially if you're working with a more credible agency.

  • Review client testimonials.

Client testimonials and reviews on the company's website and on third-party sites might assist you in evaluating the firm.


There will be both positive and bad reviews, so proceed with caution, as with any product or service, what is right for one person may not be suitable for another.

  • Learn to identify a sketchy approach in action.

Read up on "black-hat SEO" and ensure that any tactics discussed with you by the team do not appear to break any of Google's guidelines. Uno Search is a white-hat SEO business, which means we adhere to Google's guidelines to ensure your site is never punished as a result of our work. That would be completely ineffective!

Some important facts regarding SEO pricing 

There are a number of elements that influence the entire SEO pricing package, and as a business owner, you should be aware of these factors. The first truth that you should be aware of is that no provider can promise that you will be in the first page of Google search results at the start of the contract.

SEO is a continuous process, and to achieve the peak of success, both time and effort are required. Another aspect to consider is that SEO requires continuous execution. As a consequence, firms seeking long-term success in SEO must have a contract that is renewed on a regular basis in order to maintain Local SEO. So, when you decide on SEO services cost, keep in mind that SEO is an ageless approach that may deliver enormous returns over the long run.

Our SEO Packages starts from Rs 3500.

For those planning to find an SEO company or even just an SEO consultant to help them with specific SEO services, there are various options available. Some SEO companies offer particular services or are willing to personalize their monthly plans to meet your particular requirements.

At Uno Search, we provide monthly packages that are specifically tailored to the needs and business of each customer.


Although we base our monthly strategy and suggested financial investment decisions on what we believe would move the needle the most quickly, we also make sure to fully account for any unique client requirements or requests within those monthly strategies and recommendations.



Our commitment is to make your money work as hard as possible once a tailored strategy and monthly cost have been given to you. Whenever we conclude that a given customer request has a lower "SEO priority" than our recommended SEO techniques and planned activities, we make that determination publicly available to the client. We will still comply with a client's requirements, but there may be an additional fee associated with it.  We can ensure that we offer the outcomes that the customer anticipates while also fulfilling all of their specific requirements.


Although it's difficult to predict how much money you should spend on SEO without knowing everything about your company, an introductory deal of approximately Rs 10000 a month is a good spot to get your feet wet in the business.

Do not believe that you must begin spending five, ten, or twenty thousand rupees each month in order to get results. Start with a modest size and build on it if it is successful for you. At the same time, anything in the range of 3000 and less in a month is harmful rather than beneficial.

Keep in mind that SEO is an investment, not a cost. Avoid falling into the basic SEO pitfalls that the vast majority of Indian business owners go into. Before you spend any money, conduct thorough research, which includes requesting case studies, reading reviews, and determining your projected return on investment.

A little preparation now can save you thousands of rupees in the long run. As a result, you now have all of the information you want on the cost of SEO in India. If you're still seeking for additional information, connect with us.