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SEO for Lawyers

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Anyone in need of access to a lawyer is likely to start their search for one on the internet. The National Law Review found that 96 percent of persons in need of legal counsel or representation begin their search by searching the internet for assistance.

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And, when the majority of people sit down to conduct an internet search, they turn to Google. If it's difficult for people to discover you online, you're probably missing out on a large number of prospective customers.

If you want to rank in Google's search results – and appear high enough in the results to receive clicks – then you must be concerned about law firm SEO.

Why is SEO for lawyers so important?

Lawyers require a website because the method in which customers find businesses has changed in recent years. If you're a law firm trying to expand your client base, organic search traffic is a valuable marketing avenue that is frequently undervalued. However, research suggests that greater attention should be devoted to enhancing the SEO of law firms.

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  • 70% of legal firms get new clients via their website.
  • The first place in Google search results receives a click-through rate of 31.7 percent.
  • Just 0.78 percent of Google searchers go through to the second page of results.

Here are our SEO services for Lawyers, which contains all you need to know about optimising your law firm's website for search results.

What is Attorney SEO?

Attorney Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practise of increasing the number of visitors to your law firm's website by improving your website's position in search engine results pages: the links that appear after you enter something into Google, Bing, or another search engine. SEO is a technique for increasing the number of visitors to your lawyer’s website.

Or in other words, if your law firm appears at the top of search engine results, particularly on the first page, you will receive an increase in website traffic. SEO does not contain advertisements that appear in the search results. When people click on your link from the organic search results. They'll contact you to find out more about your services.

Local Rankings for Lawyers

One of the most important aspects of adopting good attorney SEO tactics is understanding that proximity, or the distance between a searcher and your law practise, now weighs more strongly than ever in determining the search results your potential clients see in Google mobile search.

The majority of individuals look at their phone's local search results and think that the top three results are the three best legal firms in their city. And Google is becoming increasingly adept at invalidating backlinks that are spammy or originate from toxic link sources on a daily basis. All of this comes together to swiftly separate the wheat from the chaff in the search results, to put it another way.

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For each local search, the top three legal firms receive the bulk of the calls. In order to be successful in lawyer SEO in 2021, your business must have extremely clean data (citations) disseminated widely over the web, with no errors or inconsistencies.

Backlinks with a high domain authority (DA) linking to your homepage and other top-tier sites are essential for your law business. Each of your law firm website's top tier pages need long-form, LSI-rich content that addresses many of your potential clients' inquiries. Your law company requires a lot of contextually relevant citations from legal specialty directories in addition to a huge portfolio of high-quality citations.

Finding positive reviews for your legal company has drawn much attention and excitement recently. Now, I would never undervalue the value that positive brand impressions may have on the success of your legal company.

However, I do not believe that customer reviews are a significant ranking influence in Google Maps / Google local search. There are several examples of personal injury lawyers in big metro regions that are unable to be discovered in Google local search, but who have ten times the number of reviews as the highest ranked legal companies in the area. As a result, I believe that focusing more on earning reviews than on the other variables stated above is a wrong prioritising strategy.

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Local SEO for lawyers may be the difference between being found and receiving phone calls from new customers in big metro regions, or being entirely outdated in Google local search. This will be the source of the bulk of new clients.

Local SEO for lawyers

Appearing in the local three-pack may be a significant boost to your firm's business. It can generate clicks – and the right type of clicks that are likely to convert into important leads. Additionally, it is critical to appear in local organic search results. 

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Five local SEO tips for lawyers.

  • Establish yourself as a mobile-first law firm.

Google has changed to a mobile-first indexing strategy. As a result, your law firm website must be designed first and foremost for mobile web use, and then optimised for mobile search.

  • Blog articles with legal questions and answers should be included.

When individuals are looking for an attorney, they usually begin by asking a question regarding their specific case or their particular condition. If you load up your blog with excellent question and answer-based material, your law firm will begin to appear in search results for the hundreds or thousands of legal-related queries that your local clients are searching for in your area.

  • Make use of Schema on your legal firm's website.

Lawyers must use schema markup to communicate effectively with their clients. The use of Schema markup in local search can assist attorneys in having extra information and data points integrated into the search results. If you can give someone looking with as much facts and information as possible, the more likely it is that they will contact your legal company.

  • Obtain information from reputable lawyer directories.

Lawyer directories are useful for a variety of reasons. Most significantly, they serve as a source of citation dissemination for the information about your legal firm's local business operations.

The greater the number of citations you may accumulate, the more confidence and authority you establish in relation to your law firm's location. Lawyer directories are also excellent providers of backlinks for your website.

Not all of them are easy to follow, but a significant number of them are. Regardless, simply obtaining backlinks from these high-authority legal directories may significantly increase the authority of your law firm's Google results.

  • Account for law firms with several attorneys.

Therefore, if your legal company has several lawyers or partners, your website should be designed to accommodate each of them appropriately. Each lawyer should have a comprehensive legal profile page that includes a wealth of useful local business statistics and information. Additionally, attorney profiles are an excellent opportunity to publish client testimonials that have received good ratings.

Factors that influence a lawyer SEO

The factors that influence a SEO for lawyers rating may be divided into three categories,

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1. Content

  • Your content has to respond to the user's query or search term

For instance, if you want your website or law firm's website to appear in search results for the term "Divorce lawyer in Mumbai," your website must have relevant information informing potential clients about your practise area; in this case, Divorce lawyer in Mumbai.

Consider your target customers' viewpoints. Your visitors are undoubtedly interested to know:

  • Is this legal firm specialized in Divorce cases?
  • Is this law firm in Mumbai?
  • Is this law firm affordable within my budget?

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It is important that the information on your law firm's site be able to offer preliminary answers to the queries that a potential client could have about your business. Search engines strive to direct visitors to the most appropriate location for finding answers to their inquiries. If Google believes that your website is likely to meet the user's goal, it is more likely to feature your website higher up in its search engine results pages.

  • Your content must be optimised for keywords.   

To properly optimise your content for keywords, it's critical to include them in the following areas:

  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Evenly throughout paragraphs
  • The web page’s URL


  • There should be a range of content that handles related keywords. 

This is a particularly challenging aspect of SEO for lawyers. It entails determining a core keyword and then discovering variants or long-tail versions of that keyword. This guarantees that your material covers the most amount of ground possible when consumers conduct internet searches.

For instance, if your core keyword is "Divorce lawyer in Mumbai," you might include variants such as "Top Divorce lawyer in Mumbai" and "Pricing range for Divorce lawyer in Mumbai."

2. Backlinks and off-page citations

The internet is like a vast ocean of never-ending information that stretches far beyond the horizon. What criteria does Google use to select which content should appear on the first page of search results?

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The amount and quality of backlinks are two important factors to consider. Returning visitors to your website are referred to as backlinks, which are links posted on other websites that direct them to your website.

Backlinks function in the same way as a popularity contest does for SEO. If your law firm receives a large number of connections from other famous websites, these links are treated as votes in the eyes of the search engines.

And here are some examples of sites where you may obtain off-page citations to help you enhance your local search engine optimization:

  • Google My Business
  • Legal directories
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Shares of your content on social media
  • Reviews and endorsements

3. Technical SEO 

In the simplest words, technical SEO is a metric that indicates how "Google-friendly" your legal firm's website is. While technical SEO is comparable to user friendliness, it also includes aspects such as security and sitemaps. However, because implementation may be complex, law firms choose to employ an SEO expert that specialises in law firm SEO. 

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Keep the following points in mind when it comes to technical SEO:

  • Ensure that your company's website adheres to all of Google's guidelines.
  • Ensure that your company's website is both fast and mobile-friendly.
  • Make it easy to navigate your law firm website

Make the use of Google My Business

In order to appear in local search results, you must have a Google My Business (BMB) profile set up. Google prioritises Google My Business results over organic search results. Google takes three important criteria into consideration when ranking local legal firms: relevance, distance, and prominence.

Relevance: How closely does your local listing match the search query of a potential customer? By filling up your Google My Business page with thorough and correct information, you can demonstrate to Google that your listing is extremely relevant.

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Distance: How far is your company from the place that was specified in the search query. The search engine will attempt to compute the distance between two locations if the searcher does not provide a location.

Prominence: Is your legal company well-known in the community? If you operate a well-known local business and Google can discover a wealth of information about you on the web, you can improve your results. Google also takes into account good reviews and ratings.

Why is SEO preferable than pay-per-click advertising?

Pay-per-click and sponsored advertisements are basically a lease on your marketing exposure: if you stop paying for it, your marketing visibility is no longer there. SEO for law firms is a long-term investment.

The content and backlinks that you buy have a long-lasting and evergreen influence; in other words, their rankings continue to pay rewards for a long period of time after they have been acquired. At the end of the day, SEO produces an asset that your company owns rather than renting. Furthermore, pay-per-click advertising in the legal industry might be prohibitively expensive.

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In reality, according to statistics from April 2021, the first position has an average click-through-rate (CTR) that ranges between 31.17 percent on desktop computers and 25.68 percent on mobile computers (mobile).

The click-through rate (CTR) gauges how many people view your online advertisement vs how many people actually click on it. One thing is undeniable, however: statistically speaking, half of all users select one of the top three organic results.


SEO for lawyers is a race, not a sprint, and requires patience and perseverance. Do not anticipate your law firm's search engine rankings to increase immediately after using these strategies. Please be patient. Constantly strive to create excellent fresh material that is relevant to your target audience, while also establishing backlinks, following to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and producing good client evaluations.

Using Google Analytics, you can keep track of your progress and assess the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns. You will be able to identify which actions are more likely to result in SEO success and the attraction of more potential clients in this manner.

Connect with us straight now if you're seeking for the best SEO for lawyer to handle the increased traffic to your website.