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Their team was fast and quick to act on advice, and they made strategical judgments without of clutter. The site's Google ranking continues to rise in the rankings. Because of Uno Search's efficient and accessible communication approach, working with them is a pleasure. Their website builder offers a variety of services, all of which are contained under an umbrella. Their knowledge and the results of their efforts have left a lasting impression upon us. Their approach to task management has been excellent. Our Google rating continues to rise in the search results.

- Akshar Hospital


Ayurveda hospital project was onboarded as a client to increase lead generation and digital visibility for their piles and fissure treatments. Uno Search focused on their website and Google My Business, analysed the parameters of their website, and established innovative methods for optimising both on-page and off-page SEO variables.


In this project, the most significant challenge was that the hospital's website was built in jd Omni and therefore was not properly optimised. A number of SEO factors were also missing, resulting in the major pages of the website with relevant keywords not even ranking. in addition to the fact that his website does not contain an event page.


  • Redesigned the website, moved it from the JD Omni Platform to Uno Search, which includes lots of new search engine optimization features.
  • In the new website, we created an album session and uploaded all of his events.
  • The landing page has been updated, and the site's architecture has been modified. Also, we used Google Analytics to track the goals and efforts.
  • Optimized Google My Business, began adding weekly posters, photos, and videos.
  • We created a keyword strategy that was connected with the hospital's treatments and surgeries. Modified and rewritten website content to include as many of these keywords as needed.


  • Started to rank on the first page for all the keywords that targeted.
  • The average business is found in 1698 direct searches each month, 6758 discovery searches and 33 branded searches. This totals an average of 8489 searches per month and 80% of searches are discovery, while 19% are direct.

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The local business receives 10.8k views each month – 2.75k on Search and 8.1k on Maps means 25% of businesses’ GMB listing views are on Search and 75% are on maps.

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The business receives 104 actions from their Google My Business listing each month. On average, 28% of businesses receive calls each month from GMB.

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Started to generating a beneficial number of lead calls through the GMB for the services that they were delivering.

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What we achieved with UnoSearch

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