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Huge Increase in Organic Traffic with The Help of Uno Search

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“The Uno Search team was fantastic. They did an excellent job developing my website. Their key word searches were great; they were quick and really imaginative. I highly recommend them. Uno Search is a SEO services company that clearly understands what they are doing and what the client requires. After the launch, within the first month, I began to notice results quite immediately.”

- Dr Swetha

5X increase in Traffic

7 X increase in Online Presence

2X increase in Lead Generation


The dermatologist was on board as a client in order to improve the digital presence in the local area at Indira Nagar, Bangalore. In addition, the doctor wants to appear in more search results and Google My Business for dermatology-related keywords.


The biggest hindrance in this project was that the doctor did not have a search presence and her business name was incorrect. Her website had very little visibility from an organic viewpoint, and it included very little information, in addition to being insufficiently optimised. They wished to rank higher in the local area and appear in more search results for dermatology-related keywords such as dermatologist in Indira Nagar, skin clinic in Indira Nagar, and cosmetologist in Indira Nagar.


  • We created an SEO strategy to optimise the Dermatologist website and increase its authority and ranks in order to increase potential clients' access.
  • Enhance the doctor's profile. The website was initially low speed, but we were able to boost it with on-page and off-page optimization.
  • We created separate pages for each of her services.
  • Modify the name to include a relevant keyword and create a Google My Business account.
  • Make changes to the content and increase the amount of high-quality content and information.
  • We focus on boosting Google rankings by writing informative blog posts that were of huge advantage to the target audience. The keyword-rich content targeted for readability as well as a boost in organic rankings.


  • We began seeing the desired results within a 2-month timeframe.
  • Started to rank in the top 3 positions of the SERP and Google My Business (GMB).
  • We were able to rank three keywords in the top ranking. This contained the primary keyword the client was trying to rank for.
  • Started to getting huge phone calls and messages from Google My Business account.

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5X increase in Traffic


7 X increase in Online Presence


We noticed an increase in the following aspects of local search traffic

Visits to the website have increased by 260%. 
Direction action has increased by 220%. 
The number of phone calls has increased by 154%.

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What we achieved with UnoSearch

  • 5X increase in Traffic
  • 7 X increase in Online Presence
  • 2X increase in Lead Generation

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