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IVF Specialist Achieved #1 Ranking and Generated Traffic more Than Competitors in 6 Months

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“The work of Uno Search amazed me. They gave me straight to the point, honest critique, and specific recommendations for how to improve my website. They also helped me get my website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). They also have a terrific team that is dedicated to their task. They consistently arrive on schedule and in excellent condition. They're a rising business that's done a fantastic job of staying on track.”

- Dr. Hrishikesh Pai


A leading IVF specialist in India was on board as a client to expand his business into the digital realm. He is a well-known doctor with decades of experience in the field of IVF in the offline world. He came with the intention of creating a brand for himself in the online world.


The primary obstacle in this endeavor was the competition. IVF is a highly competitive field with numerous well-known facilities and franchisees. And there are already prominent hospitals that rank highly in SERP rankings. The doctor's website was Bootstrapped, and no good site's architecture was planned, so the link juice and user journey as very poor on the website.


  • The doctor was already famous in the offline world. We build his digital brand by bringing the on-ground work to digital platform.
  • Optimizing the website based on technical SEO guidelines.
  • Created new site architecture.
  • Building backlinks from unique referring domains to boost the search rankings.
  • Instead of just using the brand name, used relevant keywords as a part of anchor text.
  • Offline media appearances, news stories, honours, and accomplishments Integrate with the website to showcase patients to learn more about the doctor's expertise.


  • Started ranking #1 in the Search engine results pages (SERP) for the keyword "IVF specialist in India."
  • The team was able to beat Multispeciality hospitals with a huge authority and start ranking on top positions on SERP.
  • Started receiving lead calls from both inside and outside the nation.
  • Within a month, we noticed an increase in site traffic, similar to what we saw offline.


7x Improvement in the Website Traffic

Screenshot (447)

2x Increase in the Digital Presence

Screenshot (443)

We observed a significant increase in traffic to the client's Google My Business account within a month. The average business is found in 5230 direct searches each month, 170 branded searches, and 13612 discovery searches. This totals an average of 19012  searches per month and 71% of searches are discovery, while 28% are direct.

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On a regular day, we received 3 to 4 lead phone calls seeking services from a variety of sources and from both within and outside the nation.

Screenshot (537)

We saw an increase in traffic to our views. Several them generated a phone call or an email. We were happy to increase the number of phone calls after our project commenced. The average local business receives 6.66k views each month – 4.12k on Search and 2.54k on Maps means 60% of businesses’ GMB listing views are on Search.

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What we achieved with UnoSearch

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