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Liver Transplant Surgeon Creates a Digital Brand on the Internet

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“The website has added value to my practice in ways I never imagined. Thanks to Uno Search, there has been a notable increase in keyword rankings, as well as an improvement in visibility, traffic, and conversions. The team has been an adaptable partner, doing what they can to fulfill the business needs. In addition to being transparent, they are very responsive.”

- Dr. Gaurav Gupta

200% Increase in Lead Generation

25x Increase in Online Presence

8x Increase in Website Traffic


Liver Transplant Surgeon was onboarded as a client to increase the digital prominence of his liver transplantation service in the metro city of Mumbai to make him a brand in the Liver Transplant segment Mumbai division.


The primary challenge in this project was the competitors. On the organic rankings, there were several Multispeciality hospitals with a colossal authority over the SERP. The intent of the Query pointed that patients are looking forward to a Hospital providing holistic Liver Transplant treatment.


  • The surgeon was already famous in the Liver Transplant community. We build his digital brand by bringing the on-ground work to digital platform.
  • Video Marketing strategy was used wherein all his showcased videos were linked together.
  • Past achievements and critical Case Studies were showcased for patients to understand the expertise of the Surgeon.
  • Triggered the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust) algorithm through the on-field expertise the Surgeon can offer his patients and on the internet via reputed News publications.


  • Started to be ranked #1 in the local business categories
  • Even though being a Liver Surgeon, the team was able to beat Multispeciality hospitals with a huge authority and start ranking on top positions on SERP.
  • Within three months, we began to see the expected outcomes.

Comparative results for three months:

Blog 2 Dominance achieved on Local SEO Rankings.

Dominancy over Local Search

The average business is found in 352 direct searches each month, 64 branded searches and 3221 discovery searches. This totals an average of 3637 searches per month and 87% of searches are discovery, while 10% are direct.

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The average local business receives 4.12k views each month – 3.32k on Search and 798 on Maps means 81% of businesses’ GMB listing views are on Search.

Screenshot (574)

The business receives 16 actions from their Google My Business listing each month. On average, 43% of actions on GMB listings are website visits and  43% of businesses receive calls each month from GMB.

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What we achieved with UnoSearch

  • 200% Increase in Lead Generation
  • 25x Increase in Online Presence
  • 8x Increase in Website Traffic

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