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“I am impressed by their quick and professional replies to our queries and requirements. Their ability to deliver on promises is rather amazing. We went from receiving no leads to obtaining high-quality leads each month. I've noticed an immediate boost in the amount of leads we receive on a monthly basis since joining the Uno Search team. The team's ability to keep track of everything is much appreciated, and we are especially delighted that they finished what they promised they would do for the project. I can certainly claim that they are one of the best SEO service companies in the state.”

- Mr.Raajev


An experienced numerologist in Hyderabad was brought on board as a client in order to optimise his Google My Business account and to identify the most appropriate keywords with high search intent for his profession.


When we took the numerologist onboard the most significant challenge, we faced was identifying exactly which keywords customers used when searching for a numerologist and the services they need. Second, his Google My Business phone number was unverified, and his GMB profile was not optimised properly. As a fact, the most difficult element was determining the proper keyword; and also, we maintained constant contact with the Google team to verify phone number.


  • Optimised their current business listing by updating all of the business's information and adding pictures, highlights, and services.
  • Done a detailed keyword research and our keyword research are important in determining what people are looking for in order to be in the right place, at the right time, with the appropriate content.
  • We constantly kept in touch with the google team and got the phone number verified.
  • We suggested on how to acquire consistent Google reviews from customers and the critical nature of reacting to these reviews.
  • Added regular weekly Google Posts to the listing


  • Within a month, Google my business account has climbed to the top of the search engine results page.
  • Started getting 3 to 4 inbound phone calls requesting services from a variety of sources, including Google Search and Google Maps.

We began to observe an increase in the amount of traffic to our listing. We will receive a good number of incoming phone calls for services from a variety of sources throughout the month.


The website visits were also very productive, several website visitors resulted either in a phone call or an email, and several of these visitors returned to our website at a later period in order to obtain further information. The average local business receives 829 views each month – 416 on Search and 413 on Maps means 50% of businesses’ GMB listing views are on Search and 50% are on maps.


This month, the number of people that visited their business profile grew from 50 to 267. The fact that our efforts resulted in increased visibility for the company is beyond any reasonable doubt in our minds.


Most of the searches are for the specific keyword “Numerologist in Hyderabad,” which is what we have been looking toward to rank.


What we achieved with UnoSearch

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