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Within a Month lead enquiries increased by 40%

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“Uno Search is quite fast and straightforward. Additionally, they have an incredible team that takes their work seriously. They consistently deliver on time and with a high level of quality. I began receiving calls and inquiries from my Google My Business account within a month. Additionally, the group understands how to communicate. Uno Search possesses in-depth SEO expertise and also can give the best SEO services and advice. Not only were they fast to handle any issue that emerged, but they were also receptive to feedback and made required changes.”

- Dr. Leena Jain


The plastic and reconstructive surgeon was brought on onboard as a client in order to improve the digital visibility of her wide range of services and expertise. Her Specialized services including breast surgery, Hand Surgery, Nerve Surgery, Reconstructive microsurgery for post-cancer reconstruction and trauma reconstruction, are among the areas she primarily practices.


The most challenging part of this project was that she was trying to target a specific niche that had minimal search results, and for a plastic surgeon, the majority of searches were for cosmetic and skin surgeries, which she did not provide.


  • As she has a specific niche, we tried to concentrate on her Google My Business and include all of the services that she provides.
  • Real-life case studies have been added in an automated way.
  • Shared before and after images of her patients on GMB and on her website to highlight her exceptional skill.
  • Started creating relevant content that included keywords relating to her specific services that the customer might use to boost search engine rankings.


  • Within two months, started ranking on the first page of Search results.
  • She began receiving lead calls for her niche, for which she had specifically targeted keywords.

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We observed a significant increase in traffic to the client's Google My Business account within a month. The average business is found in 1138 direct searches each month, 56 branded searches, and 6110 discovery searches. This totals an average of 7304 searches per month and 84% of searches are discovery, while 16% are direct.

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We saw a rise in the number of service users entering our pages. Several of these generated a phone call or an email in response. The average of 2.7k views per month – 1.35k on Search and 1.35k on Maps – which amounts to 50 % of all GMB listing views being on Search in a given month.

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The business receives 45 actions from their Google My Business listing each month. On average, 35% of actions on GMB listings are website visits and 40% of businesses receive calls each month from GMB.

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The most of the searches are for the particular keywords that she wants to rank for in the search results.

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What we achieved with UnoSearch

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