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Optimize your Local Business to generate digital leads with the help of Uno Search- SEO services in Ludhiana.

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About us

Ludhiana is North India's largest industrial hub. It consists of numerous small and large-scale industries spread throughout the city. The majority of residents are businessmen and entrepreneurs who have greatly aided the city's position in this sector. We at Uno Search want to support the business ecosystem of Ludhiana by providing its companies with automation technologies. Our objective at Uno Search is to leverage people, data, creativity, and technology to establish a single platform. It was this concept that prompted us to develop a sophisticated program to support our customers' SEO efforts on the ground.

Uno Search is a product-focused search engine optimization company based in Ludhiana. Our mission is to make local SEO optimization as simple as possible, and we successfully optimized many of our client's online presence.

We are confident that all of our clients increase consumer footfall and income, not only see or receive clicks or impressions with Uno Search. It is recognized that companies and marketing businesses with a lesser budget than those stated previously require more than technology. As a result, Uno Search will provide the support of our in-house team we can be confident that. In addition to content generation and marketing, our in-house staff can assist you with social media management, along with a variety of other tasks.

We are a full-packed SEO company in Ludhiana, equipped with automated technology and a trained team to assist you with your local SEO operations in the Indian economy.

What Tools Does Uno Search Provides?

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Website Builder

Build your first website in few clicks, without any technical knowledge

  • Website promotes your business 24x7
  • Drive conversions with our built-in features
  • No coding knowledge required
  • 100% SEO optimized websites

Online Prominence Booster

Get 100% local search visibility, and manage your online reputation

  • Drive more direct customer footfall
  • Take over the first spot in your area
  • Manage online reputation with built-in tools
  • Get more positive reviews from your customers
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Local SEO Tools

Get more customer footfalls by appearing high on Google search and maps

  • More than 50% people search for local business
  • Nothing is more important than local SEO
  • Automate routine SEO taks and rank higher
  • Manage multiple locations with one tool
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What our Ludhiana customers say about us?

Yunus Khan

Uno Search is completely genuine. They mean it when they say they can do something. If they don't know enough about something, they'll tell us and we'll figure it out. I have faith in them. The group also understands how to communicate. Uno Search has extensive SEO knowledge and can provide helpful recommendations. They were not only quick to address any problem that arose, but they were also open to criticism and adapted accordingly. Furthermore, the team tailored the project to the needs of the business while remaining transparent.

Kauser Shaikh

These guys are extremely pleasant, efficient, and easy to work with. They still make time for me if I need to talk about something. They are highly cooperative and willing to help with minor problems such as product rejections or simply ensuring that all platforms are functioning properly. We do the designs for our digital work in-house and they will let us know if the new ads are successful or if they need tweaking or changing. They are 'on-the-ball'! The most important thing to me is that they treat my account, although only small, as if it is as important to them as any other, and that even though we have now worked together for a couple of years, they still treat every month like it is fresh

Abhishek Singh

Their long-standing partnership with the client has been successful so far. Most recently, Uno Search team has been able to increase the company's traffic despite the challenges brought by COVID-19. They are communicative and reliable. Most of our communication is via email with face-to-face contact as required to set plans for improvements and future activities as necessary.

Tushar Kathuria

As much as I like their flexibility and affability, their work's the best part of our partnership. Uno Search produces quality deliverables that satisfy internal and external stakeholders alike, leading to frequent collaboration. Their accessibility and adaptability result in seamless engagements. They easily accommodate additional requests to support a valuable ongoing partnership.

Gurleen Kaur

Our online and Google visibility has skyrocketed since we started working with Uno Search. Through Uno Search’s utter professionalism and field expertise, we secured a significant boost in our overall online presence. The team utilizes effective communication channels in order to express their availability and commitment to this ongoing partnership.

Pavan Aravind kumar Kotha

They were good listeners, in my opinion. Uno Search’s team kept constant communication throughout the project. They helped the client in managing expectations and feedbacks.

Besy Varghese

Uno Search made it possible for us to deliver on schedule. They were incredibly fast in implementing required modifications, and the whole project was characterized by a similar level of responsiveness and expediency throughout. There is no doubt that they are one of the best SEO services company in Ludhiana and with an efficient group of people that make certain that they meet all of their deadlines. They worked really quickly through the entire project and even took on responsibilities that others would have passed up.

Why Choose Us?

Our motto “Listen”

Yes, we focus on listening to our clients. We ensure that we listen to their business goals and prepare a strategy in tune with those goals. For us, it is not just about creating a website and handing it our clients. We strive to make that website a means for our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our culture “Integrity & Honesty”

Most local businesses these days have a hard time searching for a reliable agency. We have ended that search for all our clients. Our work culture is intertwined with the concepts of integrity and honesty. We will not sell you anything you do not need. We will not lie, cheat, or show you any false numbers to hold you back as our client. We value your trust in us and as such deliver based on that trust.

Our expertise “Local SEO”

It is said “local SEO is where all the business comes from ” and that is very true. We optimize our clients’ websites and GMB for ranking in Google’s local searches. With great content, strong backlinks and a constant flow of reviews, our clients have claimed top spots on some of the most competitive local search keywords.

Our focus “Time”

We understand that time is money in business, so we set and stick to reasonable deadlines (for ourselves and our clients). We constantly communicate with our clients to keep them up to date on our progress and to ensure that projects are launched on time. Our focus is to ensure all our client’s goals and objectives are completed on time, so they do not lose any business.

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