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Optimize your Local Business to generate digital leads with the help of Uno Search- SEO services in Mysore.

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About us

Mysore, formerly known as Mysuru, is the third-largest city in Karnataka and the state's second populated city. Mysore's thriving cultural atmosphere has earned it the title of Karnataka's Cultural Capital. After independence, Mysore city has seen a balanced development. The tourism sector, information technology (IT), and forestry industries significantly contribute to the city's economy.

Uno Search's mission is to boost Mysore's business environment by empowering local businesses with automated technologies. Uno Search's vision is to build a single platform by leveraging individuals, data, creativity, and technology. This concept encouraged us; as a result, we developed advanced software to assist our customers' local SEO efforts.

Uno Search is a product-focused SEO services company based in Mysore. Our goal is to make local SEO optimization as simple as possible for our clients. By utilizing Uno Search, we were able to significantly improve our clients' internet visibility.

We aim to assist our clients in acquiring new customers and increasing their revenue sources. Rather than simply gathering traffic and generating ad impressions. For smaller businesses and marketing businesses, we realize that technology is only a component of their overall requirements. To accomplish this, our in-house team is available to assist you with content creation, marketing, and social media management. We are an all-in-one SEO services company in Mysore with an automated tool and a dedicated team to assist you with your local SEO efforts.

What Tools Does Uno Search Provides?

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Website Builder

Build your first website in few clicks, without any technical knowledge

  • Website promotes your business 24x7
  • Drive conversions with our built-in features
  • No coding knowledge required
  • 100% SEO optimized websites

Online Prominence Booster

Get 100% local search visibility, and manage your online reputation

  • Drive more direct customer footfall
  • Take over the first spot in your area
  • Manage online reputation with built-in tools
  • Get more positive reviews from your customers
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Local SEO Tools

Get more customer footfalls by appearing high on Google search and maps

  • More than 50% people search for local business
  • Nothing is more important than local SEO
  • Automate routine SEO taks and rank higher
  • Manage multiple locations with one tool
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What our Mysore customers say about us?

Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar

Transparency and communication are important to me. Uno Search's work consistently exceeds expectations. Communication, reactivity, and openness are all excellent characteristics. In addition to receiving 6–7 leads each day as a result of Uno Search's strategies, the customer now receives an unusual number of phone calls. Their efforts have enabled the company to take the necessary steps toward expansion and growth. The team's ability to communicate and be transparent made them ideal business partners. The best SEO agency.


Uno Search was always available when we wanted to get in touch with them. The project's internal stakeholders are happy with the progress that has been made so far. Customers may expect a workforce that is competent, communicative, and industrious in their interactions with them. I can confidently claim that it is one of the best SEO services companies in Mysore.

Tanisa Paul

They always fulfil their promises and meet deadlines. The best SEO services company. Uno Search has generated leads and delivered a more professional-looking website. Responsive and engaging, the team communicates well and provides thorough monthly reports. They accommodate budget restrictions.

Akshata Jadhav

The team is genuinely hard working, and they are not just professional, but they are also delightful and sincere to be around. The best SEO services company in Mysore that I've came across in my search for information. We were able to conduct a seamless brand launch as a result of the efforts of Uno Search. They were well-organized, proactive, and responsive to their requirements, and they were a pleasure to deal with as a group. After each meeting, we made a record of their follow-up emails. They also demonstrated excellent expertise of search engine optimization.

Why Choose Us?

Our motto “Listen”

Yes, we focus on listening to our clients. We ensure that we listen to their business goals and prepare a strategy in tune with those goals. For us, it is not just about creating a website and handing it our clients. We strive to make that website a means for our clients to achieve their business goals.

Our culture “Integrity & Honesty”

Most local businesses these days have a hard time searching for a reliable agency. We have ended that search for all our clients. Our work culture is intertwined with the concepts of integrity and honesty. We will not sell you anything you do not need. We will not lie, cheat, or show you any false numbers to hold you back as our client. We value your trust in us and as such deliver based on that trust.

Our expertise “Local SEO”

It is said “local SEO is where all the business comes from ” and that is very true. We optimize our clients’ websites and GMB for ranking in Google’s local searches. With great content, strong backlinks and a constant flow of reviews, our clients have claimed top spots on some of the most competitive local search keywords.

Our focus “Time”

We understand that time is money in business, so we set and stick to reasonable deadlines (for ourselves and our clients). We constantly communicate with our clients to keep them up to date on our progress and to ensure that projects are launched on time. Our focus is to ensure all our client’s goals and objectives are completed on time, so they do not lose any business.

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